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There are always a number of students in our class with interests in applications in the biomedical sciences. As mentioned in class, there is a close connection between the statistical methods used in this course and those used in the bio-medical sciences, where the subject is known as "survival analysis." Nonparametric methods seem to be favored in this area. The reasons for this are, perhaps, that there is often more data and less need to extrapolate. Many reliability applications require extrapolation in one dimension or another and thus the need for parametric models, often based on knowledge of the physical/chemical mechanisms underlying failure.

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I recommend that students print these out only as we approach the respective chapters during the semester. This is because I expect to be updating some of the chapters during the semester, usually about two weeks before they are needed in the class. The changes will not be extensive, but could affect the page numbering. Also, not all chapters are covered in the course. See the Statistics 533 syllabus for a listing of the chapters that are covered.

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Data files

Click here to get to the ftp site containing a collections of data sets from which I will choose in preparing assignments. Let me know if you have trouble using any of these data sets. All of the data sets should be in the Splida_text_data folder in either white-space delimited form or tab-delimited form (I am slowly converting all white-space delimited files to tab delimited). Only selected data sets are available in Excel or JMP formats, but the number of such files will continue to grow over time. The file DataDescriptions.doc in the Splida_excel_data folder provides the source of each data set and indicates where it is used in Meeker and Escobar (1998). This file, however, is not yet completely up to date, as new data sets are being added all the time and the index is not keeping up.

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