Statistical Methods for Reliability Data

by William Q. Meeker and Luis A. Escobar, published by John Wiley & Sons, 1998.

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Software for Life Data Analysis.

Click here for information on SPLIDA, a collection of S-Plus functions for Reliability Data Analysis. These functions were developed and used for the purpose of doing the examples in Meeker and Escobar. Included in the distribution are data sets and instructions on how to replicate almost all of the analyses in Meeker and Escobar.

The current version of SPLIDA has an S-Plus graphical user interface (GUI) for much of its functionality. This version of SPLIDA will work with the "Standard" (less expensive) version of S-Plus. The command line features of SPLIDA will also remain available for those who use the "Professional" version of S-Plus and want or need the extra flexibility allowed with commands.

If you would like to be put on the SPLIDA information mail list, send email to W. Q. Meeker at .

Student class notes and other course related information.

The web page for Iowa State University's Statistics 533 course (taught by Meeker) contains information about how to obtain six-to-a-page copies of the slides that Luis Escobar and I use in our semester-long courses on reliability data analysis as well as our short courses aimed at engineers and statisticians working in industry.

Full sized transparencies.

It is also possible view or print copies of the full sized transparencies. These would be particularly useful for those who want to teach a course based on Meeker and Escobar. Click here to access the full-size slides .

Solutions for end-of-chapter exercises.

Luis Escobar and I have a collection of solutions to some of the exercises from the book (and some additional exercises that were not included in the book). These are by no means complete, but will be useful to anyone who is using the book as a text book. John Wiley will provide a copy of these solutions to any instructor who adopts Meeker and Escobar as a text for their course. Please contact Jacqueline Palmieri at

We welcome additions and corrections. We are using LaTex for these solutions, but will accept contributions in any form.

Typos and other errors.

Click here to see a list of corrections to typos (or other errors) in the first and second printing of Meeker and Escobar. These were corrected in subsequent printings.

If you find any typos or have comments on the book, please send electronic mail to W. Q. Meeker at .

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