Statistics 533 - Reliability
Spring 2000

Instructor: William Q. Meeker, 304C Snedecor Hall, 515-294-5336; FAX: 515-294-4040
Instructor email:
Office hours: MTWRF 1:10-2:00 p.m. or by appointment

Lecture: TR 3:40-5:00, Room: TBA
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Text: Statistical Methods for Reliability Data , by W.Q. Meeker and L.A. Escobar (1998), John Wiley and Sons, Inc..

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Tentative Outline

Chapter 1: Reliability Concepts and Reliability Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 2: Models, Censoring, and Likelihood for Time-to-Failure Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 3: Nonparametric Estimation (4 hours)
Chapters 4 and 5: Failure-time Distributions (1 hour)
Chapter 6: Probability Plotting and Choosing a Failure-Time Distribution (3 hours)
Chapter 7: Parametric Likelihood Concepts: Exponential Distribution (2 hours)
Chapter 8: Maximum Likelihood: Log-location-Scale Based Distributions (3 hours)
Chapter 9: Simulation-based (Bootstrap) Methods for Obtaining Confidence Intervals (1.5 hours)
Chapter 10: Planning Studies to Obtain Reliability Data (1.5 hours)
Chapter 11: Other Parametric Models (1 hour)
Chapter 15: System Reliability Concepts; Data with Multiple Failure Modes (3 hours)
Chapter 17: Failure-Time Regression Analysis (3 hours)
Chapter 18: Accelerated Test Models (2 hours)
Chapter 19: Analyzing Accelerated Life Test Data (3 hours)
Chapter 20: Planning Accelerated Life Tests (1 hour)
Chapter 14: Bayesian Methods for Analyzing Reliability Data (2 hours)
Chapter 16: Analysis of Repairable System and other Recurrence Data (2 hours)

Prerequisite: Statistics 231, 401 or 500 (basic concepts of statistical methods) and Statistics 342 or 432 or 447 (calculus-based elementary theory of probability and statistics).

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